Saturday, December 31, 2011

#123 Topper's Yearly Post

    My ancestors may have come from Egypt.  Do I resemble the famous Sphinx?

     I hold several jobs and titles in my household.  For example, I am the Muse to The Writer on a shelf beside the computer.  Sometimes I push the Pink Pearl eraser to the floor.  The Writer is trained to pick it up and place it back on the shelf beside me so I can do it again.

   I am the Guardian of all the Shoes...

     And the sandals.

     Sometimes the sandals smell funny, but I kinda like it.

     Another one of my responsibilities is whacking at the feather on a string when it flies through the air.  I often miss if I don't hold my tongue just right.

     After gifts are opened, I am very good at smoothing out wrapping paper.  Then it can be carefully put away.  Sometimes it has tooth and claw marks, but I try my best to be careful.

     The last job I want to tell you about is my favorite.

     I entertain my family, and it is really quite easy.  For instance, when I perform the move shown in the above photo, I consider it a satisfactory "stretch".   However, my family insists on using their active imaginations and calling it my "Kitty Yoga".  They love to make up stuff about me, and I think it is probably good for them.  Their brains are not getting any younger!

     And now a note from "The Writer":

          Many thanks for the wonderful support of Pomegranate in's recent three day promotion.  I "sold" a lot of free books, and am gratified to have them on the Kindles of so many young readers.

          Read on and on in 2012!

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