Saturday, March 9, 2013

#152 Readers Around the World

     Welcome to my new audiences in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.  Just as I begin to think that I have completely saturated the world-wide readership on the subject of children's literacy, a new country or two appears on the "stats" page of one or the other of my two blogs' reports. 

     Thank you for your interest.  You represent the 50th and 51st countries to join us since I started this blog in early November of 1910. (There are actually about 150 other countries on this planet still to be reached with these messages, and I hope to continue finding new ones.) 

     This is the 152nd post published on Jump Up to Chapter Books. Several had to be deleted when I signed an exclusive agreement with Amazon some time ago.  I had originally published most of my stories as separate chapters in an old-fashioned serial format. I had an opportunity to extend the exclusive contracts every 90 days, and now have cancelled them for most of my eBooks in favor of having an expanded market that includes Barnes and Noble's Nook readers.  

     One year ago I decided to further focus my interest in the use of digital readers for children when I began publishing an additional blog entitled Ebooks 4 Kids.  I currently have 21 posts on it with lists and prices of children's eBooks for Amazon's Kindles and Barnes and Noble's Nook readers. Some of these also contain information about parental control and security of the electronic devices. Others have links to internet comparisons of the different types of readers.

     Although I often use my blogs to recommend my own eight eBooks, they also cover other topics of interests to young readers, parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians.

     Some of you may have been with me on this entire journey, and I appreciate your indulgence while I offer some of my new readers this overview. I appreciate your loyalty.

     Next time I will cover something fresh and new, and hopefully, we will all be on the same page (no pun intended). 

     I plan to write about the rationale and suggestions for partner-reading between adults and children.  Some call it simply "read-aloud". Please join us.

     Meanwhile, please keep reading.