Saturday, December 31, 2011

#123 Topper's Yearly Post

    My ancestors may have come from Egypt.  Do I resemble the famous Sphinx?

     I hold several jobs and titles in my household.  For example, I am the Muse to The Writer on a shelf beside the computer.  Sometimes I push the Pink Pearl eraser to the floor.  The Writer is trained to pick it up and place it back on the shelf beside me so I can do it again.

   I am the Guardian of all the Shoes...

     And the sandals.

     Sometimes the sandals smell funny, but I kinda like it.

     Another one of my responsibilities is whacking at the feather on a string when it flies through the air.  I often miss if I don't hold my tongue just right.

     After gifts are opened, I am very good at smoothing out wrapping paper.  Then it can be carefully put away.  Sometimes it has tooth and claw marks, but I try my best to be careful.

     The last job I want to tell you about is my favorite.

     I entertain my family, and it is really quite easy.  For instance, when I perform the move shown in the above photo, I consider it a satisfactory "stretch".   However, my family insists on using their active imaginations and calling it my "Kitty Yoga".  They love to make up stuff about me, and I think it is probably good for them.  Their brains are not getting any younger!

     And now a note from "The Writer":

          Many thanks for the wonderful support of Pomegranate in's recent three day promotion.  I "sold" a lot of free books, and am gratified to have them on the Kindles of so many young readers.

          Read on and on in 2012!

Monday, December 26, 2011

#122 Free Ebook!

Welcome to our newest reading audience in Tailand!  You represent the thirty-third country to visit this blog since I began to share my experiences of writing for student readers in August of 2010. 

     From December 28 through December 30, my ebook Pomegranate will be available at no charge for your Kindle. (It usually sells for $3.99.)  Just go to and insert "Pomegranate by Lynda" (without the quotes) in the search window.

     If you have the new Kindle Fire, you will have the opportunity to view the book's illustrations in full color. 

   Pomegranate is a futuristic mystery story on a fifth grade reading level.  It is one of the Agent C Series books, and if this promotion is successful, I will be offering a few of my other children's books this way as well.

     I still plan to feature my cat, Topper, in a Christmas post.  He isn't feeling too well at the moment though.  (Yes, it is the old asthma again. I'm afraid that maybe he had too much excitement over the holiday weekend!)

     Keep watching for his post.  It will show up in the next week or so.


Friday, December 23, 2011

#121 Royalties

     Santa said he is going to bring me a Kindle Fire, and I am so anxious to view the color illustrations of all my ebooks on it.  I expect Circles in the Wind to be especially nice.

     I understand that the process of e-publishing is much faster than the traditional one, but nevertheless it takes time. Yesterday I received notice that Kindle Direct Publishing for's ebooks had deposited my first royalty check into my bank account.

     What a thrill!  I felt a need to write new books all night long.

     In the next two days I will post some current pictures of my cat, Topper.  His asthma is improving, and his silly antics constantly amuse us.  Gift wrapping the presents has been a challenge because he thinks the paper is a new "cat toy".  Still, he is the best Christmas gift ever.

     Check for Topper's update by Christmas Day, and have a warm, cozy holiday.  Curl up with some hot chocolate and a good book!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

#120 What Happened Here?

     Horrors!  Most of the posts in my archives are missing! 

     No, this isn't part of a new mystery book plot.  I actually deleted them on purpose.

     With five ebooks now listed on, I am taking the gamble that they will receive more attention as "KDP Select" books.   In doing so, I agreed to give Amazon "exclusive digital rights" for at least 90 days, and most of my blog posts were required to be deleted to keep me in compliance with that agreement.

     Pomegranate has joined Tiny Others, Monkey Tales, Margaret's Christmas Cookies, and Circles in the Wind on Amazon's ebook lists.  They are all included in the "Prime" program for Kindles in addition to "KDP Select".

    Moving ahead was a difficult decision for me.  I have enjoyed tracking my world-wide audiences and contemplating who might be in my growing readership. I sincerely hope that I have had a positive influence on some young readers somewhere out there in cyberspace.

     I will keep the blog active from time to time, and hope you will check in.  In March 2012, I will reevaluate the relative benefits of continuing with "KDP Select" or picking up this blog with some new chapters and a more regular schedule again.

     In any case, please continue to read, and I will too.

     Thank you for joining me on this journey.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

#119 Sketch of cover Design for New Book

     Welcome to the readers from two more countries, as represented by the pageviews on my blog stats.  Audiences from Japan and Moldova have joined those from the thirty countries already tabulated with us since August, 2010. has also added two new stores., (Italy) and (Spain) have joined, (France), (United Kingdom), (Germany) and our own Amazon in the USA.  My Kindle ebooks are listed in English on all six stores' web sites. 

     How international we have become!

     I am beginning to work on some of the art for Jessie's Journey, a book that is currently in the "chapter outline" stage of writing.  I thought you might be interested in seeing my process for designing the cover.

     It begins with an idea, and then becomes a sketch--like this:

     The color palette will be black, white, gray and red with an "Agent C" sticker added in a contrasting color.

     I can also give you an early peek at the Prologue.  It is very short and subject to change at this stage, but here is its working draft:


     An electric transporter pulls up to the curb, and a man in a gray uniform emerges. He lifts the door of the rear compartment, then takes out a pet carrier and sets it down on the sidewalk. He strokes his pointed beard and scans a nearby old building for signs of life. As he glances down the street, he spots a young girl in an oversized red leather jacket approaching.

     "Here she comes now, Cookie," the little man says.

     I hope to have this new Kindle ebook ready to publish by early summer.  (Yes, it probably will take that long, but I will share the process with you as I move along.)