Sunday, December 4, 2011

#119 Sketch of cover Design for New Book

     Welcome to the readers from two more countries, as represented by the pageviews on my blog stats.  Audiences from Japan and Moldova have joined those from the thirty countries already tabulated with us since August, 2010. has also added two new stores., (Italy) and (Spain) have joined, (France), (United Kingdom), (Germany) and our own Amazon in the USA.  My Kindle ebooks are listed in English on all six stores' web sites. 

     How international we have become!

     I am beginning to work on some of the art for Jessie's Journey, a book that is currently in the "chapter outline" stage of writing.  I thought you might be interested in seeing my process for designing the cover.

     It begins with an idea, and then becomes a sketch--like this:

     The color palette will be black, white, gray and red with an "Agent C" sticker added in a contrasting color.

     I can also give you an early peek at the Prologue.  It is very short and subject to change at this stage, but here is its working draft:


     An electric transporter pulls up to the curb, and a man in a gray uniform emerges. He lifts the door of the rear compartment, then takes out a pet carrier and sets it down on the sidewalk. He strokes his pointed beard and scans a nearby old building for signs of life. As he glances down the street, he spots a young girl in an oversized red leather jacket approaching.

     "Here she comes now, Cookie," the little man says.

     I hope to have this new Kindle ebook ready to publish by early summer.  (Yes, it probably will take that long, but I will share the process with you as I move along.)

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