Saturday, January 21, 2012

#125 Lucky Alana is Published

     Lucky Alana (Agent C Series) by Lynda is finally available as a Kindle ebook on for $3.99. 

     I wonder if I am beginning to experience some kind of a "burn out" considering the many errors and corrections of the punctuation and verb tense kinds I was required to make . (Perhaps the difficulties were also related to the many happy interruptions I experienced through the holidays!) 

     I think it is perfect and wonderful at last, and I plan to take a couple of weeks break before I begin working on the publication of White Rabbit Time (Agent C Series). 

     I hope to have that one finished in mid-March, a few weeks before Easter.

Friday, January 13, 2012

#124 Free Kindle ebook

     Circles in the Wind, a Kindle picture book for young children is scheduled to be offered in a free promotion for two days on January 14 and 15. Just search with the title and author, "Circles in the Wind by Lynda" (without the quotes), from the Kindle Store on your reading device. 

     With its gentle watercolor and ink illustrations, this little book reveals the life story of a dandelion seed in poetic prose.

     It is also available at any time on Kindle Owners Lending Library with a Prime membership or may be purchased for $2.99 on for Kindle and many smart phones, ipads, computers and other devices.

     Please share this special offer with other readers.  When I offered Pomegranate by Lynda in December under a "free for three days" promotion like this, it was a huge success all around the world. 

     People like free stuff, and I love to find new readers for my illustrated stories for children.