Friday, December 23, 2011

#121 Royalties

     Santa said he is going to bring me a Kindle Fire, and I am so anxious to view the color illustrations of all my ebooks on it.  I expect Circles in the Wind to be especially nice.

     I understand that the process of e-publishing is much faster than the traditional one, but nevertheless it takes time. Yesterday I received notice that Kindle Direct Publishing for's ebooks had deposited my first royalty check into my bank account.

     What a thrill!  I felt a need to write new books all night long.

     In the next two days I will post some current pictures of my cat, Topper.  His asthma is improving, and his silly antics constantly amuse us.  Gift wrapping the presents has been a challenge because he thinks the paper is a new "cat toy".  Still, he is the best Christmas gift ever.

     Check for Topper's update by Christmas Day, and have a warm, cozy holiday.  Curl up with some hot chocolate and a good book!


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