Sunday, March 20, 2016

#168 Topper's Book in Paperback

Topper's book is now available in paperback!

     Topper is a long-hair cat and a valued member of our family. I am often puzzled though, about what goes on in his little cat brain. Why does he do some of the things he does?
     As I try to figure him out, my unexpected and sometimes amusing results lead me to conclude that I might not know Topper so well after all.

     In the Mind of a Cat's text and illustrations give readers a peek at the gentle relationship between this beautiful cat, who is sometimes more than just a cat, and his family of people.

     The text of this paperback has a 4.3 reading level, and it is illustrated in full color. However, it is written for cat lovers of any age and is now available on any of the Amazon sites as well as through most other booksellers. 

     In the Mind of a Cat is my most recent of eight books published as both eBooks and paperbacks. The others are:

     Circles in the Wind, a picture book about the life cycle of a               dandelion plant;

     Monkey Tales, for beginning readers;

     Margaret's Christmas Cookies, a holiday chapter book;

...And four longer chapter books for middle grade readers,

     Tiny Others (Agent C Series);

     Pomegranate (Agent C Series);

     White Rabbit Time (Agent C Series);

and Lucky Alana (Agent C Series).

     For more information about me or these publications, please visit Amazon's Author Central at