Sunday, December 11, 2011

#120 What Happened Here?

     Horrors!  Most of the posts in my archives are missing! 

     No, this isn't part of a new mystery book plot.  I actually deleted them on purpose.

     With five ebooks now listed on, I am taking the gamble that they will receive more attention as "KDP Select" books.   In doing so, I agreed to give Amazon "exclusive digital rights" for at least 90 days, and most of my blog posts were required to be deleted to keep me in compliance with that agreement.

     Pomegranate has joined Tiny Others, Monkey Tales, Margaret's Christmas Cookies, and Circles in the Wind on Amazon's ebook lists.  They are all included in the "Prime" program for Kindles in addition to "KDP Select".

    Moving ahead was a difficult decision for me.  I have enjoyed tracking my world-wide audiences and contemplating who might be in my growing readership. I sincerely hope that I have had a positive influence on some young readers somewhere out there in cyberspace.

     I will keep the blog active from time to time, and hope you will check in.  In March 2012, I will reevaluate the relative benefits of continuing with "KDP Select" or picking up this blog with some new chapters and a more regular schedule again.

     In any case, please continue to read, and I will too.

     Thank you for joining me on this journey.



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