Thursday, March 29, 2012

#131 Secret Thoughts of a Cat

      Welcome to a new audience from Hong Kong.  Reading is certainly a universal interest, isn't it?

     Topper is our cat.  He is beautiful and gentle, but sometimes we wonder what he is thinking about.

     Using some of his more memorable photographs, I am getting ready to publish a new book entitled In the Mind of a Cat.

     Take a peek at the working cover above.  A couple of other illustrations are found below:

     Cats' eyes sometimes reflect the flash from a camera.  This image looks very dangerous, don't you think?  What might Topper be thinking?

     Can you see Topper?  Does he imagine himself to be a butterfly?   Or a flower?

     That was just a little taste of Topper's book.  I hope to have it published by the end of April.

     I have a page on Amazon's Author Central.  It tells more about my writing and lists the seven books that I currently have published.  You can reach it by clicking on this link:

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  1. Love this favorite picture is, of course, the colorful one!


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