Friday, March 16, 2012

#130 New Blog

     When I began publishing my manuscripts as ebooks on, I noticed a shift in the emphasis of this blog. Some of my posts no longer fit the stated purpose of Jump up 2 Chapter Books.

     Therefore, I am adding a second blog specifically about ebooks for kids.  I believe that its time has come in this high-tech world in which we live.  The kids probably realized it before we did.

     I will try to keep up with this blog as well, but will use subjects more exciting for beginning and/or reluctant readers.  For example, photo essays with captions about Topper, my cat. 

    My first post on the new blog has been published on but some of it is still in the developing stages.

    Feel free to check it out, sign on as a follower, and make comments if you wish.

     Thank you for being such a loyal audience as I evolve.  I will try hard not to disappoint you.  

     And, as always, please keep reading.

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