Sunday, March 11, 2012

#128 Enlarging Illustrations on Kindle Fire

     Before I begin today's discussion, I want to offer a somewhat belated welcome to the new reading audiences in my thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth country.

     My stats page indicates that I have had recent activity from both Morocco and Nigeria.  Thank you for being part of our world of readers.

     Perhaps I am the last one to discover how to enlarge illustrations on Amazon's Kindle Fire, but this technique is especially important to me, as I have illustrations for each chapter of my six published books for middle grade readers.

     The Kindle Fire has a touch screen, and the process looks like this:

          Find an illustration in one of my books.


          Touch and hold to highlight the illustration and the three-part menu beneath it.

     Touch the word "Zoom" located on the far right.  (The first two words, "Note" and "Highlight", are not needed at this time.)

          There it is--all enlarged for you to enjoy. 
          Now how do we get back to the story?

     Just tap the little x in the circle located in the top right corner of the screen.

     I hope you have found this helpful.  Most people try to spread their thumb and finger over the illustration, but  the Kindle Fire works a bit differently. 

     I think this will enhance your enjoyment of my original illustrations in the Agent C Series; Tiny Others, Pomegranate, and Lucky Alana, as well as Circles in the Wind, Monkey Tales, and Margaret's Christmas Cookies all By Lynda on

     I am still working on White Rabbit Time (Agent C Series), but can almost promise that it will be listed this coming week.  

     Watch for it, and please keep reading!



  1. I'm glad you figured that out so readers can enjoy your art up close!

    1. I appreciate your feedback. I keep learning more and more about this little device, and it is more useful all the time.


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