Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#164 A New Paperback for Beginning Readers

Monkey Tales by Lynda
is now available in paperback!

               Monkey Tales, an illustrated book for beginning readers, is only six chapters long. Its subjects include losing teeth, digging tunnels, observing the work habits of ants, and swinging on vines; all high interests for the children in its target audience.

          Mee-key is bored and sad. Mama-mo is having a busy day, and his older brother can go everywhere and do anything. Why does it take so long for a small monkey to grow bigger?
          However, Mee-key decides that being little has some advantages when his older brother can no longer fit on their mother's lap during a thunderstorm.
          "Sometimes I like to be little, and sometimes I want to be big," he concludes. "Little and big are both good. But when it storms, I'm happy to be little."

          Lynda  is a wife and mother of two grown daughters. As a retired teacher with two degrees in elementary education, she has written, illustrated, and published five other chapter books for children.  They are:

          The “Agent C Series” for middle-grade readers
                    Tiny Others by Lynda
                    Pomegranate by Lynda
                    White Rabbit Time by Lynda
                    Lucky Alana by Lynda
          A holiday book for middle-grade readers
                    Margaret’s Christmas Cookies by Lynda

The chapter books above are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your favorite bookstore.

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