Thursday, December 4, 2014

#163 Fourth Paperback in Lynda's Agent C Series

     Lucky Alana has just been published in paperback.  It is the fourth middle-grade novel in the Agent C series, and can now join Tiny Others, Pomegranate, and White Rabbit Time on your bookshelf.

   The Agent C books are non-sequential, unified by only one character.  Agent C is a tiny man with a pointy white beard who makes cameo appearances in each book. He gives the main character an important object that causes the story to change from that point forward. When an event or object causes such a dramatic change, it is called a "catalyst". 

   The "C" in Agent C stands for the word "catalyst".

   Lucky Alana is available from Just enter "Lucky Alana paperback" in Amazon's search window to pull it up.  The list price is $9.95. It can also be ordered from Barnes and Noble or your favorite bookstore just before the winter school holidays.

Summary of Lucky Alana

          After Alana's father dies, she tries desperately to control her unhappy life with "lucky" finger snaps. The snaps don't seem to be helping though, because her mother can't pay the rent, and they are evicted from their motel.
          Just when everything is at its lowest low point, Alana rubs the Wizard's lamp in a national contest and wins a solid gold charm bracelet.
          Suddenly, she has grandparents, a house, new friends, and amazing success in everything she tries. Is it all due to her luck?
          Alana's new friend, Jacob, doesn't think so, and the bracelet's mysterious little charms support his opinion. They suggest instead, that she is using her more dependable powers of people, a home, health, hard work, and positive attitude.
          This illustrated chapter book encourages middle-grade readers to examine the real value of some personal support systems we may be using to deal with life's difficulties.
          Lucky Alana is the fourth novel of the "Agent C" series. The "C" stands for the word "catalyst", meaning something that causes a drastic change.
          "Agent C" is a little man who makes cameo appearances in the books of this series. In Lucky Alana, he takes the role of the Wizard at the mall who awards Alana with her charm bracelet.
          Lynda has published four other illustrated paperbacks for middle grade readers. They are:

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