Sunday, October 14, 2012

#142 The source of my Ideas for Pomegranate

     I wrote Pomegranate (Agent C Series) with a careful concern for balance.  

     The very old story of Persephone and her mother Demeter from Greek mythology was used as a basis to create a futuristic story set nine years after a world-wide Techno-Crash in which twelve-year-old Percy's father mysteriously disappeared. A summary of the Greek tale is offered as an attachment at the end for the purpose of comparison to Percy's story.

     Thus, the balance of ancient and the modern settings exist in the the story's structure.

     Percy's father firmly believed in the importance of redeveloping the world's technology while her mother feared it and supported the earth's life forces instead.

     This is a necessary balance in our world today, isn't it?

     It might be compared to the balance of the seasons in the Greek myth when Persephone lived the summer months with Demeter and winter months away from her.

     And when Percy's judgement became clouded by her obsession with the missing password for the electronic journal sent by her father, the story offered a clear rationale for a solid set of guidelines and rules for the use of technology.

     In other words, Percy's life was out of balance, and had to be re-established by a new understanding and agreement among her family members before they could all move forward.

     Next time I will explain how I developed the ideas for my eBook White Rabbit Time (Agent C Series).

     Please feel free to transfer to my other blog at  My current post offers some recommendations for eBooks about time travel.

     And please keep reading.





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