Friday, October 25, 2013

#158 New Holiday Paperback for Children

     I have just published Margaret's Christmas Cookies in paperback. 

     It is currently available on (or on most of the international Amazon store sites) and, The list price is $7.95 in the USA. Just click on one of the links above and enter the title in the search window.

     Within a month or two the title will also appear on lists for libraries and those of retail booksellers.

     This short holiday chapter book has a reading level of 4.8 and offers readers some thoughts about the true meaning of gifts and gift-giving not just at holidays, but throughout life.

     For more information about the story and my other titles, please visit Amazon's Author Central.  The link is:


     Tiny Others, another of my titles, is also out now in paperback from the same vendors.  Its list price is $9.95.

     My other six books are currently sold only for Kindle and Nook eReaders, but the two paperbacks above can also be found in that format. The prices for all eight of the eBook versions are either $2.99 or $3.99. 

     Pomegranate, the second of the Agent C novels, will be the next to appear in paperback.  I will announce its publication on this blog within a few weeks.

     And, as always, please keep reading. 


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