Sunday, December 16, 2012

#148 Plot Diagram for Jessie's Journey

     Welcome to our newest reading audiences from Chile and Italy.  You represent the 46th and 47th countries reported on the stats page for my blogs.  Thank you for joining us.     

     In this post I will be discussing the plot plan for Jessie's Journey, my current work-in-progress for young readers. 

     Since, by definition, the plot describes a story's action and the reader's emotional reaction to it, I think it may be  helpful to compare it to a roller coaster ride.

     A diagram of the plot to Jessie's Journey might look like this: 

     1. The Back Story gives the reader needed information about the setting and the main character. The action is moving along without too many bumps until...

     2. A Catalyst changes things. Suddenly there is a need for action.  

     3. Caught in the middle of the Rising Action, the main character tries several things in an attempt to stabilize the rocky situation, but nothing works. In fact, each seems to complicate it more. The reader's heart begins to pound as the main character races toward...

     4. A Climax. This is the peak of the action, and it is followed by...

     5.  Falling action.  The tension dissolves, but the reader still doesn't completely understand why things happened as they did.  That is revealed in...

     6. The Denouement.  The translation of this French word is something like "untying the knot".  Everything is cleared up, and the main character realizes...

     7. In the Conclusion, that she has changed in some very significant ways. 


     Next time I want to discuss some techniques for improving comprehension in young readers.  The post will not focus on any specific book, but will cover subjects such as adjusting readability and/or interest levels, shared and "mumble" reading, drawing, and mapping.

     And don't forget to visit my other blog at: I have offered some recommendations for Christmas reading on Amazon's Kindles and/or  Barnes and Nobles' Nook devices.     


     Until then, please keep reading.



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