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#146 Setting of Jessie's Journey

     Before we begin to examine the setting of my latest writing project, Jessie's Journey, I want to extend a warm welcome to our brand new audience from Spain.  You represent  the 44th country in my pageview stats provided by Blogger for

     Learning to read is really a universal need. It's amazing, isn't it?

     The setting of a story is sometimes divided into three parts; time, place, and mood or atmosphere.

     The time element in Jessie's Journey was partly developed in my earlier book, Pomegranate (Agent C Series).  As I explained in the previous post, Jessie was introduced in that book as Percy's friend.

     The Prologue of Pomegranate reveals that Percy's story takes place nine years after the great Techno-Crash. In other words, it is futuristic.  In Chapter 13 of Pomegranate, we discover that Jessie has moved away from her friend, but now their stories continue in Jessie's Journey.

     We have also move forward in time a bit, perhaps a year or more.


     Jessie is living in a different place with her mother and her twin sisters.  Her only means of communication with her friend Percy is through their electronic journals that they call "Pomegranates".  That seems to indicate that they live some distance away from each other.

     The mood and atmosphere at the beginning of our story might be described as desperate.  After Jessie finds herself alone, she returns to her love of technology. Unlike the people in her life who always seemed to let her down, computers have remained consistent and undemanding. However she has trouble feeling the same kind of trust for people.

     Two of these three, the place and mood or atmosphere will begin to shift and change as our story progresses. 

     And of course, time marches on.


     Now for a bit of business. I have made some changes to the availability of my eBooks.  All eight titles are now offered exclusively for Kindles on  I signed an agreement with them for at least 90 days, and after that I will decide whether or not to resume sales through Barnes and Noble for their Nook. 

     I will notify you if I make any further changes around the beginning of March, 2013.

     My current eight eBook titles on for Kindles are:


     In the Mind of a Cat, by Lynda, a picture book about my cat, Topper


     Circles in the Wind, by Lynda, a picture book about the life cycle of a dandelion


     Monkey Tales, by Lynda, for a beginning reader


     Margaret's Christmas Cookies, by Lynda, a short chapter book for middle-grade readers 

     Tiny Others (Agent C Series), by Lynda, a chapter book for middle-grade readers


     Pomegranate (Agent C Series), by Lynda, a chapter book for middle-grade readers

     Lucky Alana (Agent C Series), by Lynda, a chapter book for middle-grade readers

     White Rabbit Time (Agent C Series), by Lynda, a chapter book for middle-grade readers


     Next time we will examine some of the characters in Jessie's Journey.

     Until then, please keep reading...






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