Thursday, February 9, 2012

#126 Making progress on White Rabbit Time

     I apologize for my recent neglect of this blog.  I have been working hard to get White Rabbit Time published on as a Kindle ebook. 

     This story for middle-grade readers is a part of the "Agent C" series, and has an Easter connection.  I hope to push its final "Publish" button in the next three weeks (by the end of February).

     I have noticed that you are still checking in.  Your "stats" show up on my end of the site.  I appreciate your continued support.  

     Topper came out of his latest asthma episode just fine.  His winter coat is thick and long.  What a beautiful cat he is!  My posts with his pictures were so popular that I have recognized my readers' interest in more pictures and news of him.

     I will do something about Topper as soon as my current book is published.  I promise.

     Keep reading!

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